our beginnings

The concept for Launch Pad Brewery began in 2014 after a party with friends. Owner David Levesque and his wife Erin Levesque hosted a pumpkin themed party, one of their friends suggested that David make a pumpkin beer for the party. David was an avid home brewer, so he agreed. After the party, multiple guests commented how great brew was. Someone then suggested that David should open a brewery. That resonated with David. The next day he started working on a business plan. After a few days, he realized it could work. He talked to his best friend Henry and suggested that they take on this endeavor as a team. Dave asked him to come up with a name and logo. Henry designed a logo and suggested the name Launch Pad Brewery. Henry didn’t realize how serious David was until he said, “Do you want to do this?”. Henry responded with, “I don’t know anything about brewing, but I do have good credit”. That was it, Launch Pad Brewery was formed in October 2014.

Launch Pad Brewery opened its doors on July 24th, 2015 and continues to expand. In 2015, LPB started with a 1.25-barrel brew house and would brew double batches, totaling a volume of 2.5 barrels. The first year LPB brewed and packaged 305 barrels of beer. During the second year, LPB expanded equipment by introducing four 7-barrel fermenters. The larger fermenters allowed the brewers to quadruple batch on the small brew house. The larger batches helped LPB achieve 418 barrels in their second year (a 30%+ increase over the previous year). During the 3rd year LPB added a 5-barrel brew house from Portland Kettle Works (Oregon) and two 15-barrel fermenters. This has allowed LPB to increase production once again.

Stayed tuned for year 4!